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Van Gogh Village Nuenen

Van Gogh Village Nuenen

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Experience Van Gogh’s life…

Come and take a closer look into Van Gogh’s life in Nuenen. It is a city once filled with the presence of Van Gogh. A city where you will be able to hear Van Gogh’s stories, read his letters, see his paintings, and experience his life as he experienced it. 

Visit the Vincentre Museum and learn more about Van Gogh’s life in Nuenen from 1883 until 1885. We can see through his stories and letters how he has developed and grew while working and living in Nuenen to become the world famous artist he is now known. Once outside, we will visit 21 locations that remind us of Van Gogh. Fourteen of these were once painted or sketched by him, and others were built in memory of him. Although these objects have been updated and modified, this place is still the closest we will ever be with Van Gogh!

In the Vincentre museum you can experience Nuenen as it was in 1883, when Vincent came to live here. Modern technology make this a real experience. But don't just look, use your hands. 
The Vincentre is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00.

Opening times:

Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00 till 17.00

Every Monday  
Carnival (Sunday, Monday and Tuesday before Lent) - 7/9 February
Christmas Eve - 24 December (Saturday afternoon)
Christmas Day - 25 December (Sunday)
New Year's Eve - 31 December (Saturday afternoon)
New Year's Day- 1 January (Sunday) till 13.00

Visitor address:

Berg 29, 5671 CA Nuenen, The Netherlands